Kinn, Cpt

Names Kinnidy Brooks. He's an Air Force vet. Been a gamer for a few years competitively and wants to make it big in competitive Call of Duty/Warzone while being a streamer. He's a pretty face guy with a nice and funny personality so you’ll enjoy his streams. He may even share some funny crap about his life too. Join his stream and watch some dirty plays with some funny stuff.

Tommy G

Just here to have a good time. Looking to grow, looking to play. Call him Truth.

Slicc Gaming

Slicc Gaming has been a gold metal champion on xbox since the age of 8. He is simply a stud at the game and is ranked in the top 3000 for wins on modern warfare. He smells good.


MrMister has been playing Call of Duty ever since Black ops. Ever since then, he was fascinated by first person shooters. He’s always been fascinated with competitive FPS, but is now ready official try the competitive scene.


Call of Duty semi pro player, coach, streamer. Competitive gaming and streaming along with running a community for those who are passionate about gaming are my biggest interests and goals in life. Nothing beats a family of gamers.


Kempin78 is a relaxed hard worker but holds his own and doesn’t take poopoo from anybody. A love for gaming started with an Xbox 360 and a ton of family fun but the competitiveness took over and Kempin78 wanted to win over everything else, that’s why he joined Jokr.

Daniel Hoenig

Virginian gamer that started out playing Call of Duty Black Ops. From a very young age he rose through the ranks in Bo2 while being in the top 100 league. He is now playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and is ready to show the esports world what he can do.

Daniel Rodas

Has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. Growing up he played a variety of different games but Call of Duty was definitely his best and favourite. From AR's to SMG’s, He shoots to kill. That's what brought him to the Jokr army!

Jonathan Reif

An American gamer dreaming of becoming a professional. He began to love video games since he was younger and particularly grew a love for “first person shooters” that led him to Call of Duty. While being committed and hardworking for this team, he strives everyday to become a better player and show people what our team is made of.

Nick Logan

Virginian gamer started on Black Ops quick scoping and sniping. On Bo2 he was the best sniper in his area until the release of Mw3. Now he's involved in competitions on MW and ready to show Jokr and the world of Esports what he can bring to the table.

Liz, Social Media

She's been playing since she was about 8 years old. Liz used to play with her brother and he’s really the inspiration for her gaming. She currently goes to college for a Graphic Design degree with hopes of becoming a Game Designer someday.



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