Jokr's Stream Team!

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Zika, CEO


Louneyz has come to Twitch to showcase his gaming abilities while bringing a smile to his viewers' faces. He is here to build an amazing community where gamers from far and wide can come together and enjoy each other's company. From storytime, some jokes, voice acting, to some sweaty gameplay Louneyz stream is the place to be!


If you are looking for a stream you can sit back, have some laughs, and make some lasting friends come check out Louneyz!


Check out his social media and stream to join the Louney-bin!

(Aka: The One and Only Rick, J, Six, Pickle Rick, The Goat Man, Is that guy using a crossbow?)

Funny Accents and good footages for the youtubesh. Made in the USA, Mr One Six plays many genres. Drift Much? Six makes you call yourself Dog Water on the track. Shoot Much? I think He just killed you with a crossbow. Now wipe your facesh waters and get back in the game. Catch him on Twitch!

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The Swedish Sensation

Yo, I'm Driillzz (or the Swedish Sensation if so may)

Started streaming in January 2021 and been growing with an awesome community since! Working hard to make my dream of going pro on Call of duty. Little Billy is never safe around me In Verdansk. I dont see any problems, only solutions. Come by my chat and we'll be best friends! I drop a fast pace gameplay filed with alot of rage, humor, and shirt ripping! See y'all there

Cdaretodazzle goes by Dazzle and loves hanging with her community. She plays many different kinds of games including but not limited to, Apex, Minecraft, Magic the Gathering, and Jackbox party packs. She also has a talk show on Tuesdays. If you want to hang and have a fun place to chat then check out her stream.


Sean, Discord Moderator


WhiteWolf is a gamer in a different class. From drifting in Need for Speed to sniping little Tommy in WarZone, WhiteWolf's gameplay is jaw dropping. His stream is definitely not one size fits all with the variety of games he brings to the table but rest assured you will hear some funny stories, and hear some hilarious commentary


Hello, My name is Dimitri otherwise known as TheGreekFreak. I stream on Twitch and I'm very active on my Twitter. I want to put my funny content out there for the Twitch community. I have 2 older brothers. I play on PC right now but I'm waiting for my elgato to come in the mail then I will be streaming Cod, DBD, Rainbow 6 and Maybe some Bo3 Zombies. I tend to snipe on Cod, i rarely use sub's or AR's. Come join my community and chat with the viewers.


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Luna is an aspiring E-Sports champion. His gameplay does not fit the typical one size fits all because its always something new with Mr. Shadow. No one games ties him down. You can find him playing Call Of Duty, Apex, Need for Speed, and Rainbow 6 and on the top of the lead boards for all. Stop by his stream for a quick chat and some jaw dropping gameplay.