Jokr's Stream Team!

Zika, CEO

Louneyz has come to YouTube to showcase his gaming abilities while bringing a smile to his viewers' faces. He is here to build an amazing community where gamers from far and wide can come together and enjoy each other's company. From storytime, some jokes, voice acting, to some sweaty gameplay Louneyz stream is the place to be!


If you are looking for a stream you can sit back, have some laughs, and make some lasting friends come check out Louneyz!


Check out his social media and stream to join the Louneyz Legion! 


Lucy, VP Operations

Call of Duty semi pro player, coach, streamer. Competitive gaming and streaming along with running a community for those who are passionate about gaming are my biggest interests and goals in life. Nothing beats a family of gamers.

Nick, VP Internal

HB brings sniping to a new level! It doesnt matter what game he is playing, when Nick has a sniper in his hands you better be scared. If you are looking for some crazy trick shots Nick's stream is just right for you!

Hello, My name is Dimitri otherwise known as TheGreekFreak. I stream on Twitch and I'm very active on my Twitter. I want to put my funny content out there for the Twitch community. I have 2 older brothers. I play on PC right now but I'm waiting for my elgato to come in the mail then I will be streaming Cod, DBD, Rainbow 6 and Maybe some Bo3 Zombies. I tend to snipe on Cod, i rarely use sub's or AR's. Come join my community and chat with the viewers.




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