Georgio Zikantas, CEO, Cpt

A Canadian gamer with a dream of becoming a professional. ZirZika has been training in the art of Video Games since a child. It all started with playing ' The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past ' on the NES and from there his love for gaming grew. Now, ZirZika is here to showcase his e-sport abilities as Jokr's leader and more importantly as a deadly force on his comp team.

Lucy, VP Operations

Call of Duty semi pro player, coach, streamer. Competitive gaming and streaming along with running a community for those who are passionate about gaming are my biggest interests and goals in life. Nothing beats a family of gamers.

Jay Donaldson, COO

A Canadian graphic designer from Windsor Ontario. He started gaming at the age of 3 with consoles NES, Sega Genesis and N64. Sonic, 007, Super Mario (classics). The world of Esports has inspired Jay not only to be a gamer but to further his career with graphic design in the technical and graphic aspects of the sport.

Daniel Hoenig, VP Marketing

Virginian gamer that started out playing Call of Duty Black Ops. From a very young age he rose through the ranks in Bo2 while being in the top 100 league. He is now playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and is ready to show the esports world what he can do.

Nick, VP Internal

HB brings sniping to a new level! It doesnt matter what game he is playing, when Nick has a sniper in his hands you better be scared. If you are looking for some crazy trick shots Nick's stream is just right for you!



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